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No More Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is possibly one of the worst sensations you can experience. Whether due to oral trauma or infection, it can make necessary daily activities like eating and sleeping nearly impossible. Dr. Rebecca Wagner and our team always endeavor to save a natural tooth and we have a number of treatment options that can help us achieve this. In instances of severe damage or decay, sometimes saving a tooth simply isn’t possible, and tooth extractions are the only way to restore your oral health. Dr. Wagner performs extractions as gently as possible and will keep you comfortable during the procedure. A board-certified periodontist and highly compassionate practitioner, she’s the one to choose for tooth extractions in Chambersburg, PA.

What Makes Tooth Extractions Necessary?

  • Severe Tooth Decay
  • Disease or Infection
  • Oral Trauma
  • Tooth Overcrowding
  • Preparation for Dental Implants
  • Stubborn Baby Teeth

Extraction And Next Steps

Your Chambersburg, PA tooth extractions expert, Dr. Wagner will make a small incision in the surrounding gums before gently removing the tooth. She’ll then carefully close up the extraction site using dental stitches. If you’ve suffered deterioration in the bone supporting the decayed tooth, she can perform bone grafting to restore the bones volume and strength. The extraction area will usually heal within about ten days. It’s very important that you follow all post-extraction instructions from our team so that you can have a smooth recovery with no complications!

After you’ve recovered, your pain will be gone. However, we don’t recommend that you leave a gap in your smile for very long—if at all. Even one missing tooth can spoil your smile and create functional problems. What’s more, the bone beneath the gap can begin to deteriorate without tooth roots to keep it healthy. We can help you avoid these issues with a dental implant. Featuring a beautiful, realistic crown, an implant looks, feels, and performs like a natural tooth. And it can last for a lifetime! Dr. Wagner can even place your implant the same day as your extraction. Ask for details today!

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