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Dr. Rebecca Wagner doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to patient care. She never jumps immediately into a case before considering your unique needs. She customizes a treatment plan specifically for you.

When it comes to dental implants in the esthetic zone—the front teeth or “smile zone”—exceptional planning and execution are key. With those front teeth so prominent, the slightest miscalculation can compromise your smile.

As a board-certified periodontist, Diplomate of The International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and a Fellow of the prestigious Misch Implant Institute, Dr. Wagner is exceptionally qualified to place implants anywhere in the mouth with outstanding results.

If you’re looking for a specialist skilled at replacing teeth in the esthetic zone in Chambersburg, PA, look no further!

Making The Complex Look Simple

Aided both by her training and passion for esthetics, Dr. Wagner can navigate the intricate process of replacing your smile zone teeth with unequaled expertise. That includes placing and restoring single implants or multiple implants, plus rebuilding any recessed bone or gum tissue, if needed. With the placement of anterior teeth (front teeth), the angle of implant insertion is critical. That part of the bone is much narrower than the area that holds the molars. That means less room to work with—and less room for error.

Dr. Wagner

Here, each dental implant is placed using computer-guided technology with the restoration and final results in mind. How we position each post is important to the stability of the implant in the jawbone as well as the placement of the restoration at the end. We consider both before we begin. The restoration comes with its own esthetic intricacies. Will your new crowns match the size and color of your existing teeth? Giving you a seamless smile is as important to Dr. Wagner as giving you a healthy one. Count on her to pay attention to all the details so that everything is done just right.

Conditions Affecting The Esthetic Zone

The width of the bone isn’t the only factor that can make working in the esthetic zone complex. Previous conditions can also impact your new dental implant’s success. Dr. Wagner is prepared to complete placement and restoration in your esthetic zone in Chambersburg, PA flawlessly, even if you’ve had any of these issues:

  • Failed implants
  • Failed grafting
  • Faulty extractions
  • Faulty bridgework

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