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Gum disease and other soft tissue problems cause a variety of health and functionality complications that can make everyday life challenging. As a board-certified periodontist in practice for nearly 30 years, Dr. Rebecca Wagner has extensive training and experience providing gum surgery in Chambersburg, PA. Unlike other types of doctors, she’s a certified gum health specialist! If you have advanced gum disease or restrictive soft tissues in your mouth, she can offer you multiple periodontal surgery solutions to correct them. She has produced exceptional results for patients through a lingual frenectomy procedure, a maxillary frenectomy, osseous surgery, and other types of gum surgery in Chambersburg, PA. She can help you live a healthier, more carefree life after them too.

Periodontal Surgery Services

Lingual Frenectomy

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You may have noticed that piece of soft tissue that anchors your tongue to the bottom of your mouth, but never knew what it was. That’s called a frenulum, and it’s vital to your ability to eat and speak properly. If that tissue is too short, a condition known as tongue-tie, it can hinder your diet and speech. During a lingual frenectomy, Dr. Wagner will remove that tissue to allow you to enjoy these activities without restrictions.

Maxillary Frenectomy

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You also have a frenulum that attaches the inside of your upper lip to your upper gums. Just like the lingual frenulum, if this tissue is too restrictive it may prevent you from chewing and talking comfortably—a condition sometimes called lip-tie. This tissue can also gradually pull the front teeth apart, creating a noticeable gap that requires orthodontics to correct. Dr. Wagner can easily remedy this condition by removing the obstructive tissue.

Osseous Surgery

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Osseous surgery, also called flap surgery, is an effective gum surgery treatment for advanced gum disease. After making you comfortable with local anesthesia, Dr. Wagner retracts your infected gums (the “flaps”) to access your tooth roots and underlying bone. She then removes any calculus or tartar that has built up there and can rebuild any deteriorated bone through bone grafting, if needed. She may also remove portions of the diseased tissue. After thoroughly sanitizing the area, she’ll reseal your gums and allow them to heal.

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