A Frenectomy

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Tongue-Tie And Lip-Tie Limitations

Caused by specific soft tissues, tongue-tie and lip-ties impact a fraction of patients. But for those who do have one or both of those conditions, it’s a major impact on their quality of life. In children they can create problems from the earliest days, from preventing proper latching during breastfeeding to causing speech problems as they grow. Nutritional deficiencies and social difficulties can result. Some people even needlessly suffer the effects from these conditions into adulthood.


A board-certified periodontist with three decades in practice, Dr. Rebecca Wagner is exceptionally qualified to diagnose and treat lip-tie and tongue-tie in Chambersburg, PA. She’s a specialist in all issues related to the soft tissues of the mouth! She can help your children live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life by performing a frenectomy. This involves removing restrictive tissues from their mouth to allow proper movement of the tongue and lips.

Frenectomy Procedures

Dr. Wagner has a gentle, reassuring manner that will put you and your child at ease during a frenectomy or any procedure. She also uses local anesthesia as needed to help patients reach this relaxed state. As part of a comprehensive suite of pediatric periodontal services, Dr. Wagner performs two types of frenectomies to cure lip-tie and tongue-tie in Chambersburg, PA.

Lingual Frenectomy For Tongue-Tie

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You’ve probably noticed a piece of soft tissue that connects your tongue to the floor of your mouth, but never really thought about its function. Known as a frenulum, this tissue controls tongue movement, enabling you to eat and speak correctly. When that tissue is too short, it can restrict diet and speech and ceases to be beneficial. It can also make dental hygiene challenging, increasing the possibility of gum inflammation and tooth decay. During a lingual frenectomy, Dr. Wagner removes the constraining tissue to allow more comfortable, natural movement of the mouth, whether for you or your child.

Maxillary Frenectomy For Lip-Tie

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Your upper lip is also connected to your upper gums by a frenulum. As with the lingual frenulum, when this tissue is not the right size it may prevent normal chewing and speaking. In addition, the tissue can also cause the front teeth to separate, causing a gap that can only be fixed through orthodontia. Dr. Wagner can prevent the need for lip-tie-related braces by excising the obstructive tissue.

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