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You want the very best dental care for the most precious members of your family. So do we. Pediatric periodontics is an aspect of our practice that we give special attention to. A variety of conditions can cause developmental and nutritional problems in youngsters, as well as unnecessary pain and other complications. Some of these have no obvious symptoms. Dr. Rebecca Wagner is renowned for diagnosing and effectively treating these issues.

With her gentle, reassuring demeanor, Dr. Wagner does her utmost to make your children feel comfortable when they’re in her care. When you understand that she’s a board-certified periodontist—a soft tissue health expert—with advanced, specialized training and three decades in practice, you’ll feel comfortable too. She’s the one to trust for pediatric periodontics in Chambersburg, PA.

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We’re the premier provider of pediatric periodontics in Chambersburg, PA. These are some of our most-frequently requested services:

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Tongue-tie and lip-tie are conditions that can cause difficulties for patients of any age. With children, they can make breastfeeding problematic, delay normal speech abilities, and subject them to social ridicule. Caused by shortness of the frenula—the slender tissues that connect the upper jaw to the upper lip and the tongue to the floor of the mouth—these conditions are easily remedied by Dr. Wagner. She’ll simply remove the restrictive tissues in patients age five and up. Your child will then be free to develop normally and enjoy daily activities!

removable dentures

Primary Teeth Extractions

You might know them as baby teeth. The primary teeth are the first teeth that appear in our mouths. Under healthy conditions, these fall out on their own and are replaced by permanent adult teeth. Not in every case, however. Sometimes baby teeth are stubborn and block eruption of adult teeth. In such cases, Dr. Wagner will give nature a hand by gently extracting the tooth herself.

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Cuspid Exposure

When a cuspid (or a canine tooth) fails to come through the gums, sometimes due to incorrect angle of growth, it’s considered impacted. These cuspids must be exposed in order to fulfill their vital tearing function. During this procedure, Dr. Wagner opens the gums to give the tooth the ability to come in. Your child may also require orthodontic treatment from another specialist to straighten those teeth if they grow in crooked.

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Gum Graft

When gums recede from teeth, those teeth become more prone to decay and sensitivity. Whether your child’s gums have receded or were inadequate from birth, Dr. Wagner can fully restore them. She offers a variety of gum graft options, including minimally invasive natural techniques.

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