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Specialized Treatment For Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can cause esthetic and functional issues with your smile. But not all missing teeth are due to decay or oral trauma. Sometimes our patients have congenitally missing teeth. These aren’t immediately obvious but become known when baby teeth fall out and their adult replacements fail to come in. Known as hypodontia, this is generally due to genetic factors. It can cause other teeth to come in crooked or shift out of place in the gaps. In these circumstances, special treatment is required. With her extensive experience, Dr. Rebecca Wagner, can give you a complete, healthy set of teeth for the first time. As a board-certified periodontist with decades of experience, she’s the one to trust for help with hypodontia in Chambersburg, PA.

Qualification For Treatment

It’s important that you or your child’s jawbone is fully developed before receiving treatment for hypodontia. For most people, that’s usually around the age of 18 or 20. Once we’ve established that your jaw has stopped growing, we can provide replacement teeth in the form of dental implants. Natural-looking and strong, these will restore the esthetic and functional properties of your missing teeth. Take proper care of them and they can provide reliable performance for you for a lifetime!

A Two-Step Solution For Hypodontia

Those gaps in your smile can be corrected and filled through two-step treatment. The first step is orthodontia to shift your teeth into proper alignment. Dr. Wagner will coordinate your treatment with your orthodontist, who’ll provide braces, Invisalign® or a similar solution. Once your teeth are in the correct position, you’ll have your orthodontia removed and then come to our office for your dental implants. These rival real teeth in beauty and function—and will never develop cavities or become discolored!

removable dentures

Though bridges are a common solution for hypodontia, these can harm adjacent healthy teeth and once lost, can’t be repaired. This is why we prefer to use individual dental implants. However, we can discuss your options with you and work with you to determine a course of treatment when you come for a consultation. Whichever solution you choose together, you can expect the optimal results. With her esthetic eye and implant expertise, including training from the renowned Misch Implant Institute, Dr. Wagner will give you the spectacular smile you should’ve had from the beginning.

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