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Dentures are a time-tested solution for tooth loss. They’re cost-effective and provide generally good results. However, they have some clear downsides. Dentures can slip out of place during meals and conversations, creating embarrassing situations. Their instability can also cause them to rub against your gums, creating irritation and sometimes causing sores. Maintaining them can also be troublesome. As a board-certified periodontist, Dr. Rebecca Wagner is a gum health and dental implant specialist. She’s best qualified to address any issues related to your gums and provide treatment options that will keep them healthy. If you wear dentures in Chambersburg, PA, Dr. Wagner can also customize alternative implant-based solutions that will stay in place, protect your gums and protect your health.

More Stable Dentures

Not all dentures slip out of place or require sticky pastes! Implant supported dentures give you the stability of dental implants in a package that may be more suited to your budget. As with dental implants, we surgically place two or more durable implant posts into your jaw. These will firmly anchor your dentures in your mouth. No slipping! You can eat and speak without worry.

A Full Upgrade

The most stable and longest-lasting tooth replacement by far is dental implants themselves. Full mouth dental implants provide secure, dependable performance for a lifetime, look and feel like natural teeth, and don’t require any special maintenance. A Diplomate of The International Congress of Oral Implantologists and a Fellow of the prestigious Misch Implant Institute, Dr. Wagner is the doctor to trust with your new teeth. With her training and eye for esthetics, she can deliver a healthy, beautiful smile that will never let you down.

Life’s Better Without Loose Dentures

You don’t have to settle for dentures in Chambersburg, PA! We can provide alternatives that’ll give you all these benefits:

  • True peace of mind
  • Carefree meals, conversations, and smiles
  • A broader selection of foods
  • Unmatched self-confidence
  • Fewer gum and oral health problems

Comprehensive Implant Services

Your mouth may not be ready for implants right away. No worries—Dr. Wagner can get you there quickly! Your jawbone must be strong in order to support implants. If the bone has receded, she can rebuild and fortify it through comprehensive bone grafting treatments. She makes these and all related procedures pain- and stress-free by providing customized amenities like a personalized sound system and a ride to and from the office if necessary. She also offers an IV which essentially allows you to sleep through treatment. She is the specialist who makes it easy to secure your perfect smile and improve your life.

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