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When’s the last time you smiled confidently, ate what you wanted and lived without restrictions? With numerous missing teeth, many struggle with painful and embarrassing symptoms every day. We understand how much of a toll an incomplete smile can have on you, your loved ones and your life. That’s why we offer personalized treatment plans tailored to not only your unique functional, health and aesthetic needs, but your budget as well. Dr. Rebecca Wagner, our board-certified periodontist, has over three decades of experience providing personalized and transformative full mouth restorations—including full mouth dental implants in Chambersburg, PA.

We’re not in the business of telling you what you need, though. We want to hear your concerns and questions before educating you on your options. We encourage you to come in for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Wagner but before you do, review the information we’ve laid out below so you’re more educated on your options.

What Are Your Full Mouth Restoration Options?

Removable Dentures

removable dentures

Conventional dentures have advanced in recent years; the technology available now far surpasses what your grandmother had. Although we offer modern, custom-crafted dentures designed for a snug fit, this solution is usually considered short-term. Without a natural tooth root, the bone begins to recede, changing your facial shape and causing premature aging. As the bone recedes, your denture will no longer fit as firmly and you’ll either need to return for numerous adjustment visits or use denture adhesives to secure your smile. However, in the short-term, this is considered the most affordable full mouth option today which is why we’ll always discuss it during your consultation.

  • Restores a complete smile
  • Removable/unsecured
  • Does not prevent jawbone loss
  • Requires future realignment
  • Covers the palate and hinders taste

Implant Supported Overdentures

removable dentures

One way to more reliably secure your smile is to receive dental implants and attach them to your denture appliance. In some cases, we can snap the appliance to each implant or clip it to a bar supported by implants. Depending on whether we’re replacing your upper or lower teeth, we may place two to six dental implants in order to ensure proper support. This solution helps prevent bone loss and restores more function than traditional removable dentures.

  • Removable by your dentist
  • More secure than traditional dentures
  • May need to replace attachments over time
  • Slows or stops bone loss
  • Easier to talk and chew

Fixed Full Mouth Dental Implants

removable dentures

Now considered the leading solution to extensive tooth loss, fixed, full mouth dental implants offer nearly the same support and function as natural teeth. In just one day, Dr. Wagner can remove damaged or decayed teeth, provide bone grafting for added support, place your dental implants and restore your smile with natural-looking teeth. In just one day you can see the new you. Although it has the most expensive up-front costs, this solution can last a lifetime. And since they function the same, each dental implant will even replace the role of a natural tooth root, stimulating proper bone growth and maintaining a healthy, youthful facial structure. Overall, the best full mouth option is full mouth dental implants. Here’s why:

  • Permanent, long-term solution
  • Natural-looking zirconia bridge
  • Most cost-effective in the long-term
  • Secured by four or more implants for max support
  • Eat the foods you want
  • Speak naturally again

What Are Your Full Arch Solutions?

Our Full Mouth Dental Implants Experience

At the Wagner Centre, we consider education a critical component of your care. Before any treatment begins, we’ll be sure to review in as much detail as you’d like, what you can expect every step of the way. Below is a general breakdown of a fixed full arch and implant supported overdenture process but come in for a consultation and we can give you your personalized treatment plan and timeline!

How Much Will Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of your treatment varies based on your full mouth solution. Dentures typically start around $3,000, implant supported overdentures around $10,000 and a full arch fixed dental implant treatment can start at $30,000. Yes, that is a lot of money. But we don’t think the cost is what should control your decision.

Restoring your diet can improve your overall health, restoring your smile can improve your self-confidence and restoring your speech can help you reconnect with your family and rebuild relationships. That’s why we walk you through each of your options, because we know their true value and we want to see how they can improve your life as well. That’s also why we walk you through the best way to file your treatment under your specific insurance policy and why we offer financing options with the lowest interest rates on the market. Today, there are so many ways to make this treatment affordable, call us to talk about how.

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