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Dr. Rebecca Wagner is a board-certified periodontist with decades of experience. But that doesn’t mean her expertise or concerns stop at dental health. She’s also highly skilled at diagnosing medical conditions that affect the oral and maxillofacial areas through exams and biopsies. This includes checking for oral cancer and treating patients with autoimmune disorders that complicate dental treatment. Known as oral medicine, this field goes beyond dentistry to look at overall health and treat medically complex patients. Not all practices offer this level of care. Dr. Wagner’s overarching goal is to help you live a fuller, healthier life. Count on her as your expert for oral medicine in Chambersburg, PA.

Conditions Of Concern

Dr. Wagner provides care related to several serious conditions with medical and dental health implications:

Oral Cancer

Dr. Wagner gives special attention to patients over the age of 40, who engage in heavy alcohol or tobacco use, or who have a family history of oral cancers. These patients have the highest risk for oral cancer.

Systemic Disease Complications

Diseases elsewhere in your body can lead to oral ulcerations, bleeding gums, changes to oral glands, and swelling and discoloration of the tongue. Dr. Wagner has the skills and sensitivity to provide you with effective relief.

Salivary Gland Diseases

Disorders such as lupus as well as tumors and viruses can affect the health and function of the salivary glands. As your Chambersburg, PA oral medicine practitioner, Dr. Wagner will give you guidance and treatment for successfully dealing with them from a dental perspective.

Cancer Complications

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can have a negative impact on your mouth. You may experience dry mouth, feel burning from even mildly spicy foods, and taste foods differently. Dr. Wagner can show you how to best avoid these complications with your oral hygiene and dietary habits.

Oral Lichen Planus

Oral lichen planus is an autoimmune disorder characterized by whitish patches, red, swollen areas, or open sores in the mouth that have a burning sensation. With this chronic disorder, the immune system attacks the oral mucous membranes, including the gums, tongue, cheeks, the roof of the mouth, and other soft tissues. Dr. Wagner may use topical numbing agents and corticosteroids to manage your oral lichen planus symptoms and keep you comfortable.


Pemphigoid is a skin disease typified by lesions and blistering in the gums. Pemphigus is a similar condition that’s generally seen in older patients. With these conditions, the soft tissues of the mouth bleed easily, even with minor pressure. Dr. Wagner may use corticosteroids as well as suggest changes to your diet and oral hygiene habits to control the associated discomfort.

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