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When your gums become swollen and painful, you may be in an early stage of gum disease easily treated at home with antibacterial toothpaste and rinses. Unchecked, this can advance into an incurable stage of gum disease that causes pockets to form between the teeth. Since gums protect your teeth and jawbone, it also causes tooth and bone loss. This not only spoils your smile, it makes eating and speaking difficult and downright embarrassing. Worse still, research has shown that the bacteria behind gum disease can lead to strokes, heart disease, and diabetes, among other conditions.

If you’re seeking treatment for gum disease in Chambersburg, PA, you’ve found the expert. Periodontists are specialists in treating all gum-related issues. Dr. Rebecca Wagner is a board-certified periodontist with more than three decades of training and experience on her side. She’s ideally credentialed and qualified to treat all of your gum-related conditions through a variety of therapies and procedures. Don’t trust anyone else.

Warning Signs Of Gum Disease

  • Inflamed or bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Gum recession
  • Jawbone recession
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Tooth sensitivity

Dr. Wagner Discusses What Is Gum Disease?

Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Wagner will determine the type of gum disease treatment you need based on your current stage of the disease. Early-stage gum disease treatment typically requires scaling and root planing. With scaling, she thoroughly eliminates any infection beneath your gums. This is followed by root planing, which requires her to go beneath your gums to disinfect and smooth down the affected tooth roots. If the disease is at a more advanced stage, she performs osseous surgery.

removable dentures

For this she retracts the gums, removes untreatable tissue, rebuilds underlying bone, then sanitizes the entire area to eradicate infection. After these treatments, Dr. Wagner will encourage you to adopt consistent dental hygiene habits and schedule you to return for ongoing treatment of your gum disease in Chambersburg, PA. These periodontal maintenance visits give her the opportunity to do additional deep cleaning to prevent the return and spread of the disease.

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