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When it comes to great-looking gums, Dr. Rebecca Wagner is a true expert. As an accomplished periodontist with a keen eye for esthetics, she’s a board-certified specialist in gum health and with a personal interest in esthetics. So, whether the source of your dissatisfaction is too much gum tissue or too little, she can give your smile just the right balance. This includes procedures that require her to move or remove select portions of your gum tissue and reshape the gumline. When you have gum grafting or crown lengthening in Chambersburg, PA from Dr. Wagner, your smile will be that much better off afterward.

Gum Lifts For Gummy Smiles

If you feel like your teeth are too short or the proportion of gum tissue is too large, your smile can appear uneven. This is a condition that is commonly called a gummy smile. Even when your teeth look short, they’re usually a normal length. Excessive gum tissue may just be hiding the balanced smile you desire. With esthetic crown lengthening, sometimes referred to as a gum lift, Dr. Wagner removes select parts of the gums and reshapes them around a single tooth or all of your teeth as needed. The results: A more consistent and confident smile.

Dr. Wagner also uses this highly effective cosmetic periodontics procedure in cases where a tooth has begun to decay or suffered damage close to the gumline. When she exposes a greater portion of the tooth structure, she’s better able to prepare a tooth to accommodate a restoration such as a crown and restore full functionality. By doing so, Dr. Wagner can save the bad tooth instead of having to remove and replace it. There’s no better choice for crown lengthening in Chambersburg, PA!

Gum Grafting For Receding Gums

At the outset of gum recession, you may not notice anything different at all. Maybe a small amount of yellow enamel as the recession begins to reveal the understructure of the tooth. As it progresses, you might also notice some increasing tooth sensitivity. Gum recession can be caused by aggressive brushing, tobacco use, periodontal disease, heredity, and other factors. Whatever the source, the long-term effects can be the same: loose teeth, lost teeth, and jawbone recession.

To help you avoid all of these complications, Dr. Wagner uses innovative, leading-edge gum grafting treatments. This includes taking small organic tissue samples from your own body or other natural sources and placing them in the area of recession. These gum grafts will eventually become seamlessly attached to the existing gums, restoring a consistent, healthy gumline that looks and feels spectacular!

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