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Debunking Myths and Misconceptions About LANAP

LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is a revolutionary approach to treating gum disease, offering a less invasive alternative to traditional surgery. Despite its increasing popularity, there are several myths and misconceptions surrounding LANAP that Dr. Rebecca Wagner of The Wagner Centre in Chambersburg, PA, is here to clarify.

Myth 1: LANAP is Painful

One of the most common misconceptions about LANAP is that it's as painful as traditional gum surgery. In reality, LANAP is significantly less painful because it uses laser technology to target diseased tissues without cutting into healthy gums. Dr. Wagner notes, "Most of our patients report little to no discomfort during the LANAP procedure and typically require nothing more than over-the-counter pain relievers afterwards."


Myth 2: Recovery Takes a Long Time


Another myth is the lengthy recovery associated with gum treatments. However, LANAP promotes faster healing. The laser used in LANAP stimulates the body's healing processes, leading to quicker recovery times. "Patients usually resume normal activities within 24 hours," explains Dr. Wagner.


Myth 3: LANAP Results are Temporary


Some believe that the results of LANAP are not as durable as traditional surgery. This is not true; LANAP results are permanent and can be as lasting as those from traditional methods, provided patients adhere to proper post-procedure care. Dr. Wagner stresses the importance of regular follow-ups and proper oral hygiene to maintain the health of the gums after LANAP.


Myth 4: LANAP is Experimental


Although newer than traditional surgery, LANAP has been thoroughly researched and has over two decades of clinical success behind it. It's FDA-approved and recognized as a safe and effective treatment for periodontal disease. "Calling LANAP experimental is misleading; it is a well-established, scientifically backed treatment modality," Dr. Wagner clarifies.


Myth 5: LANAP Can't Treat Severe Gum Disease


Some patients are told that LANAP is only for mild to moderate gum disease. However, LANAP is capable of treating even severe cases effectively. The precision of the laser allows for targeted removal of diseased tissue without harming the surrounding healthy tissues, making it a suitable option for advanced gum disease.


Local Expertise in Chambersburg, PA


At The Wagner Centre in Chambersburg, PA, Dr. Rebecca Wagner is committed to leveraging advanced technologies like LANAP to treat gum disease with excellent outcomes. By choosing LANAP, our patients experience less discomfort, quicker recovery, and lasting results.


Understanding the facts about LANAP can help patients make informed decisions about their gum disease treatment options. Dr. Wagner and the team at The Wagner Centre are here to dispel myths and provide the highest standard of care to our community. Contact us today and learn more about LANAP and it’s ability to fight gum disease!