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Chambersburg, PA – March 2020– The Wagner Centre today announced that it has become certified to offer a simple, quick and safe outpatient treatment for gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Gum disease is as an infection of the tissues that support the teeth, the condition affects over 50% adult Americans. The LANAP® protocol is an FDA-cleared laser treatment developed by Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc. to clear away diseased tissue without cutting or stitching of the gums.


“With the availability of the LANAP protocol, we now have a patient-friendly treatment option for managing gum disease,” said Dr Rebecca of The Wagner Centre located in Chambersburg, PA. “The procedure is fast, often painless and yields predictable results. It is also the only laser gum surgery backed with histological and clinical science. By reducing post-operative pain, the number of sessions required and the recovery time, the LANAP treatment removes many of the reasons that so many patients hesitate to seek treatment for periodontal disease.”


Although experts vary in their estimation of the prevalence of gum disease, it is clearly one of the most common medical conditions in the United States. 50 out of 100 adult Americans have moderate to severe gum disease, 40 out of the 50 do not know it, and fewer than two of them will get treated before it’s too late. In the initial stages of the disease, gums can become red, swollen and bleed easily. However, some patients have no symptoms at all. If the condition worsens, gums and bone that support the teeth can become seriously damaged and the teeth can become loose, fall out or have to be removed.


The LANAP protocol offers a proven, vastly less painful and less invasive treatment. LANAP treatment is typically performed in a dentist’s office under local anesthesia to eliminate any possible discomfort. A tiny laser fiber (about the thickness of three hairs) is inserted between the tooth and the gum, and the infection is cleared away without cutting or stitching of the gums. The tooth roots are then thoroughly cleaned of tartar and plaque, and the laser is used again with a different setting to create a stable, firm blood clot to seal the pocket. The dentist treats one half of the patient’s mouth at each session and most patients are able to drive themselves back to work or home following the procedure.