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For some people, the very words “dental implants” strike a deep fear through their hearts. Why is this? For most, what it comes down to is simply “fear of anxiety”. This can be due to lack of information, stories from friends or family, or just plain fear of the unknown. But at The Wagner Centre in Chambersburg, we take the fear out of dental implants by helping each and every patient understand exactly what their particular procedure will be like, what they can expect at every moment as it is underway, and what they can expect afterwards. First, we consult with you in a personal one-on-one session to go over your options and help you feel comfortable in your decision. For example, periodontic treatments may be recommended in preparation for your implant procedure. This ensures that your gums and surrounding bone is ready for the procedure increasing the chance for the best possible outcome.


Next, the fixture is placed and osseointegration begins. This occurs over the next several weeks to few months, when the implant is healed enough for the next stage to begin. At that time, an abutment is placed over the fixture. On this abutment a temporary crown will be placed, followed by a more permanent crown at a later date. But that’s not where things stop. In fact, postoperative is just as critical as the earlier steps in a successful implant outcome. Keeping the site clean and reporting any swelling or pain to your dental professional is absolutely essential. And all of this occurs within the warm and comfortable environment of The Wagner Centre, where we’ve gone to great lengths to provide a relaxing and supportive environment for those entrusted to our care. Learn more about our treatment options and how to schedule a consultation by calling 717-263-0606.