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Whiter Teeth for
a Beautiful Smile

Dr. Rebecca Wagner understands that if your teeth are darkened or stained your smile may draw unwanted attention. When you walk in our door, you’ll know immediately that you’ve picked the right dental practice for teeth whitening in Chambersburg, PA. Bright, beautiful, and conceived by the esthetic eye of Dr. Wagner herself, our office décor is a direct reflection of what you’ll experience after undergoing professional teeth whitening treatment here at The Wagner Centre.

While at-home whitening options such as toothpastes, gels, and trays are available in stores, their results vary widely and can’t match the dramatic results that we can offer. Using the ZOOM!® teeth bleaching protocol, Dr. Wagner has helped countless patients rediscover a smile that’s a consistent shade of white and truly magnificent. She’s eager to do the same for you! Don’t spend time or money on solutions that won’t make a significant difference or last nearly as long.

Habits that stain teeth

  • Using tobacco (all kinds, including smokeless)
  • Drinking a lot of coffee, tea, soft drinks, and/or wine
  • Using highly fluoridated water
  • Neglecting your dental hygiene

Whiter teeth
in a flash

ZOOM! is a proven teeth-bleaching process that works with a unique combination of hydrogen peroxide and a special light instrument. Dr. Wagner applies the hydrogen peroxide multiple times during one visit, each time lightening the shade of your teeth. ZOOM! brightens all of your teeth at once, giving you reliable, comprehensive results in just over an hour! What’s more, it won’t increase your tooth sensitivity, unlike many whitening treatments and products.

Alongside ZOOM! teeth whitening treatment, the best way to keep your teeth shiny is to take care of them, i.e., brush and floss them regularly and avoid the many habits that contribute to staining. We’re not suggesting that you give up the pleasure of enjoying your favorite coffee, simply that you limit the amount you consume and rinse or brush when you’re done. By following these best practices and coming to us for professional teeth whitening in Chambersburg, PA, you can keep your sparkle for a long time to come.

Make Your
Smile Shine Again

We’ll give you whiter teeth fast!

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