Putting Your Medal Where Your Mouth Is: How Olympic Athletes Care for Their Teeth

  With the Olympics now wrapped up in Brazil, we saw our fair share of athletes making contact with one another... from swinging elbows in basketball, flying field hockey sticks, nasty cycling crashes and, of course,  direct hits from boxing gloves. It’s imperative that the athletes from all over the world learn to protect their […]

Should You Fear Getting Dental Implants?

  For some people, the very words “dental implants” strike a deep fear through their hearts. Why is this? For most, what it comes down to is simply “fear of anxiety”. This can be due to lack of information, stories from friends or family, or just plain fear of the unknown. But at The Wagner […]

The Science of The Smile

We are Programmed for Positivity In the classic Broadway musical, “Annie”, there is one particular song that includes the refrain, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”. As it turns out, those songwriters knew a thing or two about human nature. We all like seeing people smiling. It lifts our mood knowing others are in […]

Considering Dental Implants? Here’s how to Choose the Right Team of Professionals

How do you choose the right team? If you’ve been thinking about dental implants, you may know that they are going to be the most similar replacement for real teeth. That’s because implants are easier to clean and care for than removable dentures, allowing for brushing and flossing around them since they mimic normal teeth. […]

Be Wary of Too Much Wine

Wine can be delicious, and fun to have for meals and parties, but be aware of how much you're drinking too. White wines, sparkling wines, and straight liquor are also dangerous for your smile. Read along to learn more!

Dental Care Through The Ages

As you age, your teeth and jaw grow with you and you need different treatments. From infants to seniors, everyone has different needs, so click here to learn more about the best dental care for your age group.

What Happens If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth?

We all have pretty consistent oral health habits, but have you ever been curious what could happen if you forget to brush for a day? A month? A year? We have the answers for that curiosity.